Grooms! What to put in your Speech!

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Grooms, What to put in your Wedding Speech


The Groom's speech is normally between the father of the bride speech and the best man's speech, the groom’s speech needs to stand out! Here are some key pointers to help you write your perfect speech!

The father of the bride

Your speech will follow the father of the bride so start of your speech by responding to what he said in his – even if that was taking the mick out of you a little bit, respond with wit but be polite so it sets a nice tone for the rest of your speech. Plus, remember to thank him for all he’s done for the wedding, especially if you’ve gone the traditional route with the Bride’s family paying for the whole wedding.

The Bride's Family

Now to thank all of your Bride's family. Include everyone who has helped out and explain what they have done and what a great help they have been. (This will earn you huge Brownie points with the whole family as well as your Bride!). Also mention how they have welcomed you into their family and share memories that you have had with them with everyone and let everyone know how special these memories are to you - and of course you want to create many more. This will mean a lot to them - trust me!

Your family

Now for your family - just as important. Mention anything that your Mum has had a hand in, she may have helped out your new wife with picking that all-important dress, your sisters might have had a few late nights making bunting for your big day, and your dad gave you some top advice on this speech; you’re bound to have a lot of thank yous to say to your own family. But this is your chance to not only thank them for all they’ve done toward the wedding, it’s a time to get a little bit (but not too) soppy. They helped get you to where you are today, tell a little about your life and let them know how thankful you are. Add a bit of wit to keep people's interest.

The Bridesmaids

Your Bride’s most important friends and the people she carefully chose to be close to her on the day! Do not forget to thank them, if you do your life will not be worth living! and your speech will fall flat to a hushed, 'he didn't thank the Bridesmaids!'. If your new wife isn’t making a speech, she’ll most definitely want you to make a thing of how great they’ve been. Have a word with your Bride to Be before writing your speech to check what help they have given during the planning and take note on the day of what help they have given to include all of their help in your speech. Don't forget to mention also how stunning they all look.

The Best man
Now, for your partner in crime! Because choosing your Best man was probably one of your main tasks to do with the wedding, there’s a lot you can mention; from why you chose them, through to what help they have given to help your big day run smoothly. You may want to talk about your friendship and why your Best man is important to you and share a few memories, although it is best to leave memories and details of your Stag night out of your speech!
Share your speech with your Best man beforehand to check you are not repeating each other.
The Ushers
If you have chosen to have Ushers at your wedding, don't forget to thank them for helping your Guests find their seats and for keeping everything together before the Wedding begins.
Everyone else who helped
The list of everyone may be endless, but give the main helpers a big thank you! Remember if they are in the room they need a thank you! Maybe you made the most of a close friend’s baking skills for your wedding cake, or maybe your relative is a keen dress maker? Big features like that deserve to be appreciated, and if you really don’t have time to get through the list of all the helpers, a shout out to the vague ‘everyone else who helped’ will do, but remember to give them a little thank you when you see them.
Your guests
Your guests may not have contributed to the wedding planning process but they deserve a bit of appreciation. Not only are they the people in your life that are worth inviting to celebrate your big day, they would have made an effort to be there. Some will have travelled a long way, most will have bought a new outfit, and almost all would have got you a special gift to congratulate you and your new wife. It can be an expensive process to attend a wedding, especially with children so make sure your guests know just how much you appreciate their effort to be there and how special it is to have them there.
and of course thank Your Bride!
A toast to your Bride in your wedding speech is a must!, but we’re sure you already knew that. Here’s where you talk about the effort that she’s put in, how well she’s done it, how beautiful she looks, and of course, how happy you are to be marrying her. This part of your speech is so important as your Bride will hang on to every word and remember it forever. It also shows everyone in the room the depth of love you have for your new wife. Bravado etc in front of friends has to take a back seat here I am afraid! However, remember, look at your beautiful Bride, how many of your friends deep down would love to be in your shoes! So embellish it, talk about the ‘little things’ that you love about your Bride, such as the way she flicks her hair, the way she gives you a cuddle when you return home, the way she zips her wine, anything that will make it that extra bit special for her and show her the things you notice about her, that she may not know! Here’s a little more on what the bride wants to hear in that speech of yours, just in case…
1. How beautiful she is
2. How you have made her life complete
3. How happy she makes you
4. How proud you are to call her your Wife
5. How you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with her and make special memories for the rest of your lives
6. How she is your everything, soulmate, best friend and Lover ( make sure she is your lover if you mention this, this may not be the case for some before marriage)
The only thing to do now is to sit down and write your speech and have the most amazing wedding day and a wonderful future together... lots of luck with your writing :)
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